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With 15 years of Practitioner experience, Patricia provides Professional Foot Care Treatments, Foot Health Therapy, Foot Problem Solutions, Universal Reflexology, and Education.

Patricia also knows about running away from self, and has come to a level of awareness which can help you with your journey to sole/soul health. if one is not in tip-top physical, emotional and spiritual awareness, we are not going to be able to look after others in the best capacity

Foot Problems

Pain is a hot topic of research today, particularly the attempt to isolate the exact source of the pain and the relationship between that source of the parts of the body that hurt. For example, can knee pain be caused by a hip defect? Can abnormal bio mechanics of the feet result in low back pain?

We must remember that before this century very few medical experts related sciatica to low back abnormalities. As a foot health practitioner who has devoted a lot of time to treating Foot Problems , I have become acutely attuned to the relationships between foot problems and discomfort on other places of the body and mind.

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Foot Health Care

Every minor foot problem can affect the rest of your body, making things very uncomfortable. Patricia has a wealth of experience and knowledge to help take care of your Foot Care no matter what your age and walk of life!

  • Get relief from sore, swollen ingrown toe nails
  • Reduce pain and tenderness from aching corns, callouses and bunions
  • Get rid of annoying verrucas, athlete's foot and fungal infections
  • Free your mind and body with a relaxing epsom salt foot soak
  • Accelerate your body's natural healing process and improve circulation with kneipping Water Foot Therapy

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    Universal Reflexology

    Discover the power of Universal Reflexology and the freedom it can bring you

    The roots of reflexology are found in many different cultures, from the tombs of Ancient Eqypt to the earlist texts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ancient techniques of pressure to relieve pain were widely used in earlier times.

    The art and techniques of massage and manipulation of the body largely come from Greece, Rome, North Africa, and the Arabian peninsula. They date back many thousands of years and have known from this time to have profound and positive effect on the health pf the recipient. Known as the "father of medicine," Hippocrates a physician of Ancient Greece, spoke of rubbing and manipulation in order to relieve pain in the joints.

    The ancient Egyptians also used massage daily. It is in one of their tombs that the first depictions of some sort of treatment of the toes and fingers have been found.

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    Sole Therapy

    You may be surprised at the link between your feet, and the health of your entire body! By understanding the impact of your feet and legs on your health, you can be more physically active, and improve your health. And nothing is more important than that!

    They tell a much bigger story: Your feet and lower limbs are often a critical factor in developing or avoiding non communicable health diseases elsewhere in your body. Even if it doesn't immediately seem connected to foot health, the link is real. Think obesity, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and a range of other conditions.
    Foot Care, Dumfries and Galloway

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    Conscious Mind Education


    Workshops and Classes

    Discover the key to living a more stress-free and empowering life.
    Connect with your conscious mind to help you see why you make the choices you do. Be empowered to make healthier and discerning choices for you and your life.
    Through encouragement, coaching and behavioral patterns Patricia can help you live your best life possible.

    There's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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    Don't Take Your Feet For Granted!

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