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is simply that which arises
from being disconnected from love.

is simply that which arises
from not being in touch with the underlying unity of all life.

is simply that which arises
from being disconnected from your inner power.

is simply that which arises
from valuing another person’s opinion of you more than your own.

is simply that which arises
from over-identifying with your flaws and weaknesses.

is simply that which arises
from taking on other people’s mistakes as your own.

is simply that which arises
from failing to understand or accept another person’s perspective.

is simply that which arises
from failing to love another person unconditionally
and taking their actions personally.

is simply that which arises
from judging your reaction to the present moment.

is simply that which arises
from living in the future rather than the present moment.

is simply that which arises
from believing that the physical dimension is all that exists
and that you will always be separated from those whom you love.

is simply that which arises
from failing to learn from your mistakes, move forward
and commit to acting and becoming better.

And dissatisfaction
is simply that which arises
from being aware of your untapped potential
and all you still may do, be and achieve.

When people allow you to know about their pain and talk about it, take your shoes off. It’s a holy place. Be humble, be kind when someone shows you vulnerability.


We’re in ‘the quickening’ now with Mercury moving fast through its own sign of Gemini and its higher octave Uranus also covering new ground in Taurus. This morning’s New Moon at 26 43 Gemini on the 18th June 5.36 UK time helps us see with new eyes and create new visions. The New Moon is conjunct Juno, asteroid of partnerships and sacred union in Gemini, sign of the twins, so there could be choices to make about our highest path in relationships and expression or demonstration of love.

The square between the Gemini New Moon and Neptune could be accompanied by some confusion, even a tendency to over-think. We’re being invited to step ‘out of our mind’. This energy is beyond words. On the 17th the day before the New Moon, Saturn turned stationary retrograde in Pisces accompanied by some vulnerability even regrets perhaps.

Venus and Mars in Leo burn bright in Leo, igniting heart-fire, creativity and passion. We can listen with our heart. And we’re just a few days away from the summer solstice, always a time of celebration and receiving even more light.

The solstice is on Wednesday 21st June at 15.58 UK time and strikes a chord for the next 3 months. The Sun is exactly conjunct a dwarf planet called Chaos at 0 Cancer. In the myth of Chaos, Heaven was ripped from Earth creating a temporary separation, but it’s about supporting the process of progressing back into wholeness.

Just a few days ago on the 15th June the dwarf planet Sedna moved signs into Gemini after holding on with all her might in resistant Taurus for years. Haumea, the dwarf planet symbolizing New Earth, sits next to the south node in Scorpio at the moment, so working through betrayal, power struggles or challenging emotions is all part of our journey of birthing a new world and a new way of being.

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"We ahould be grateful for all situations that make us the most uncomfortable, because without them we would not know there is something unhealed in us."

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☆°~ raising vibrations ~°☆

I am worthy, even when my thoughts tell me I'm not.
I am loved, even when I feel so unlovable.
I am valued, even though my feelings are hurt, because of something I did to myself.

I am treasured by the universe, even when I forgot my own inner riches of soul shining. Those miracles right now, they are still waiting and in front of me as I don’t give up on myself.
I am making steady and positive progress.

Even if I have personal setbacks, I'm still going in the right direction, for myself and mystical ways of blessed coincidences everywhere in life, for my joy inside destiny.

Everything is possible to fully manifest,
no matter where we stand within ourselves, even our biggest dreams are coming true, even if we think we are falling behind, it's actually divine timing and we just need to breathe.

Nothing will be passing us by just because we are fully being human. Being or trying to be more than we are is a false expectation inside of us.

No one can determine our personal values.
Regardless of how we are feeling inside of this very moment, let it all pass us by, as we reach for the gold in our personal mission of commitments in love for self.

Always remember we are humans constantly evolving and we also are the entire universe inside for changes within our intimate energy of frequencies into more magical ways of vibrations, as we fully accept ourselves.

Rachel's Heart

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3 things in life to come to terms with


  • If they wanted to they would
  • No response is a response
  • Not everybody has the same values, the same goals, or the same heart that you do




You only got three choices

Give up
Give in
Give it all you got '

Your choice ?

Blog. belief and confidence

When you supress your good anger you weaken your imune system - autoimmune di-sease manifests..

Learning to express your anger is healthy for your immune system ?





Blog. Out of the box

The lesson you struggle with will repeat itself. Until you learn from it.
You need to be the amazing You in order for things to flow
If you don't find this way of reducing the suffering of your surrounding your suffering won't stop.

There are two days things can't get done. The first day is called tomorrow and the second is yesterday

Hurt people do hurt people - heal your stuff

Twin Flame...

Why is twin flame relationship so rare?
What is the reason behind god creating very few twin flames who have incarnated together on this Earth?
I agree that twins are rare. A relationship on earth with a twin flame is even more rare than that.

Twin Flames are chosen ones. They have holy discernment. They can see the perversions of this earth. They can see how twisted people are how it is harming them and those around them. They can see the truth of any situation at any given time.

Twin flames have this energy about them when they enter a room, people either love them or hate them but can never ignore them.

They are Jack of all trades and naturally skilled at anything they pick up.

Twin flames once they wake up will throw the social conventions away as the first step in the path towards building themselves up and helping others. Social standards widely accepted by others is unnatural for twin flames to accept. This applies for conventional models of relationships as well.

Twin flames are called to be a showcase of service and unconditional love. If you notice in your own life when you start living a life of ego and personal identity, life will stop working out for you. But the moment you serve humanity and do things to serve humanity life starts serving you. The law of what you give is what you get applies to you without any time lag. I see other people pay for what they have done in time but chosen ones, pay for it right there and then. God disciplines us in an instant to remind us that we have a role to play. A divine role.

Twin Flames know the difference between good and bad and they always have guidance to do the right thing.

Twin flames have a healing energy and healing presence which is felt the most by the other twin flame. They are chosen by God and put in this world which is devils paradise. We live here holding unconditional love knowing exactly who the enemy is.

We are here to use our discernment and our feeling of unconditional love and operate from this. We make choices which are not selfish, forgiving and from a place of faith.

We are people who come to a point of sincere brokenness and surrender to God. We let the divine work through us by surrendering to him.

We may or may be with our twin but we came here together for a reason. They remind us of a world beyond and that we must live in this world to earn a good place in the next. The whole idea of YOLO is BS and you know this world is an interval before we renter the next. As twin flames we can never be of this world as we have our own rules, principles and guidance which we live by.

Our twin reminds us that we have self worth which cannot be stolen or tarnished by anything but your own actions. They remind us that there is hope even after everything is over.

The unconditional love you feel is what the mental health field is trying to accomplish to bring about well being. You, a twin flame already have access to the best therapy in this world. It is priceless. People struggle with self love, self worth and approval their whole life. You, a twin flame have lifelong access to your own self worth self love and self approval. No one convince you otherwise about this knowing and feeling you have been naturally given.

You have everything. I certainly am so grateful for being a twin flame. I don’t care about being with my twin flame anymore. He never took the time to get to know me.

I am convinced through my personal journey that this connection is a gift. Anything spiritual is difficult. It is not about being an incense burning, alignment coaching, manifesting mama moon ritual goddess. Those things are not even spiritual. Spirituality is about having a full heart when you have nothing to show for it. It is about walking a narrow path, in your brokenness and doing things out of faith and hope in things bigger than this world. It is about forgiveness. It is about non judgment and treating every soul with love and respect.

The twin flame connection gives you the capacity to do all these things without having to receive any coaching on how to do it. This is because it is in your heart. All of this beauty, strength, hope, faith, love everything as a twinflame is in your heart. Bring it forth into this world. This is why you are here. ❤️
You're here to be You

You're here to be You..

You don’t need fixing!

  • You don’t need to meditate for hours daily
  • You don’t need to overthink things
  • You need to be the amazing YOU in order for things to flow
  • You need to align with YOU, in order to experience the abundance
  • You need to focus on what feels good and do less of what doesn’t upvibe you
  • The vibe you feel matters
  • When you pamper yourself, things flow.
  • When you say yes to YOU, things flow.
  • When you love what you do, things flow
  • Wen you do it your way, things flow
  • Methods and systems are great, but at the end of the day, you have to be you ?



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New logo ?


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Humans are creatures of light and adapt to sunlight via the pineal gland (sometimes known as the epiphysis). We witness this phenomenon in the animal kingdom too. The first rays of the sun in the morning cause the birds to stir and launch into song. These constant "updates" to sunlight also exert an influence on the rhythm of our organs, and we adapt to summer time rhythmically. Any initial problems generally resolve after a few days.

By finding your reason for being, you can be mindful of the small pleasures in each day and build a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.
Keep mentally and physically active to balance the stresses of everyday life.



Any disharmony at all in your life will only damage your own piece of mind, so for your own sake forgive quickly and freely

"Take the time to calm your heart and mind every day" ?


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Forget what you think you know and see everything as if for the first time

Open-minded, curious, eager to explore - these characteristics, which so neatly describe the state of early childhood, are surely some of life's most wonderful qualities.

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More important is how you treat yourself... how are you?




When you recognise you own nothing nothing, can bother you..

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