Patricia Lavelle MAR FHP CNHC Foot Therapy, Intuitive Coaching and Spiritual Connection
Cheadle, Macclesfield, Cheshire


Freedom and peace are frequently under attack., particularly when you feel powerless over a situation. In our lives, many situations arise that seem to be out of our control - the loss of a loved one, a frightening diagnosis, or news of a terrifying world event - and as a result, we lose faith.

Even when everything is seemingly going great, we can lose faith.

Discover the key to living a more stress-free and empowering life.
Connect with your conscious mind to help you see why you make the choices you do. Be empowered to make healthier and discerning choices for you and your life.

Think it. Feel it. Believe it

Discover the key to living a more stress-free and empowering life...
When your heart is coherent. Stress is reduced. Cognitive function increases and Intuitive discernment increases

Readiness is the first step on the path toward certainty. Are you ready to detach from the narratives, fears and limitations of the world?
What would you do if you lived with faith certainty? Write down your answer

The second step on the path to certainty is to remember that your thoughts and visions create your reality.

Focus.Direction.Freedom✨️ . Hippo Brain

What would it be like if we all harnessed our own inner knowing. If we were able to face fear with a miracle mind-set and reorganise our fear into purpose and love? How different would our world be if everyone lived in this way?

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