Patricia Lavelle MAR FHP CNHC Foot Health Treatments & Holistic Foot Therapies for Dumfries & Galloway

Non est vivere sed valere vita est; ("Life is not being alive but being well" — Martial)

Patricia's Story -

Patricia Lavelle is the founder of MindingFeet and has over 10 years Foot Health experience. After extensive travel to further her education on the holistic approach to foot health. Patricia launched MindingFeet Co Mayo, Ireland - In the following five years having moved to Scotland, she launched MindingFeet in Dumfries and Galloway. Patricia is passionate about educating individuals and the community about the benefits of being aware of your feet and keeping your feet healthy.

Your overall health and wellbeing are at the heart of every decision made at MindingFeet. A caring and holistic approach is taken to ensure all aspects of your life and body are taken into consideration (not just your feet).

Patricia Lavelle. Graduation 2006

Patricia Lavelle. gratitude

After Patricia qualified in Foot Health she went on to study NLP , TCM, Reiki, MBS, Meditation, Gudni Gudnason, Crystals, Healing, Gayle MacDonald , EFT. Iris Cancer Partnership ,
and recently, Access Bars. She travelled extensively to see what resources people relied on without the convenience of National Health Service - NHS. Her findings have been remarkable. She has taught, spoken about and shared her beliefs to many; from seminars, classes, workshops, local newspapers and rural, local radio.

Your health relates to how your feet are feeling!

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