Patricia Lavelle MAR FHP CNHC Foot Health Treatments, Holistic Foot Therapies & Reflexology for Dumfries & Galloway

Patricia Lavelle

What did you love to do between the age of 0-7?

Patricia loved to help people ' loved to be out and about with her Mother ' a Podiatrist' ! nature was her heaven, a place to be! But.. most of all to meet people... !

Patricia has been studying and practising Complementary Foot Therapy and Holistic Foot Health Care for over 15 years..

Itchy Feet!

During her teenage years Patricia, attended her Mother's Podiatry clinic where she had treatment for a verruca on her left foot ' finding she had 9 verrucas was interesting - the seed was planted!
Patricia's career developed first, in Scotland and then to New York then to London after time working for a Law Firm Patricia moved to the other side of the world. Sydney, Australia just before the Sydney 2020 Olympics where, she developed a financial recover management system to assist in the recovery of a large debt, attached to a legal firm bought for a $1..

After returning to the UK Patricia moved, to Ireland.. a career change was on the horizon ' which started to develop after a trip to Cape Town, South Africa ' Reflexology. Enrolling and committing to this new subject took, the biggest leap of faith ' with this she found she was opening new opportunities to, change career completely, with adding an additional, study at Smae, Maidenhead ' Foot Health Care .. mindingfeet was established in 2006 ..

Holistic and Dualistic

Patricia opened her first foot clinic in Galway, Ireland .

Noticing in the health of her patients feet their emotional well-being, she has sought to acknowledge and communicate this in her work. -
She then studied different traditions, cultures, philosophies and healing modalities, travelled extensively to continue her studies; in efforts to learn and then share the information that she has been so privileged to learn with anyone interested in building their best health/life possible.

Every day is a school day...


People First - Health
Understanding - Awareness
Honesty - Courage of Conviction
Reality - your; truth

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