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Reducing stress in the workplace
Stress in the workplace is generally accepted as a big problem in the UK and the total number of working days lost to stress in 2015/2016 was 11 million working days. Couldn't possibly count the last three years.. the impact both to the employee in terms of loss of quality of life and the employer in terms of productivity.
In short stress costs money, both in the short and long term.

The body is designed to cope with short bursts of the stress response; it is helpful if you are about to give a big presentation.
However, in the long term, this reaction is damaging to many areas of the body including

  • the cadiac
  • musculoskeletal
  • Immune
  • reproductive
  • digestive systems

    resulting in heart problems, high blood pressure, back and muscle pain, higher rates of infections, fertility problems, stomach ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome. When these problems affect your workforce, they affect their motivation and efficiency.

  • Healthy Workplace. Bluma

    Bluma Zeigarnik -

    Back in 1927, a young Russian Scientist, Bluma Zeigarnik, published a research report that explained how unfinished tasks tend to bother us. We have problems getting unfinished tasks out of our minds. They keep popping up in our minds over and over again, reminding us that we should get back to it.

    For example, Bluma and her professor Kurt Lewin, "noticed that a waiter had better recollections of unpaid orders." Howerver, after completing the task - after everyone had paid - he was unable to remember any more details of the orders."

  • Ever tried to clean only half of the desk?
  • Wash only half of the dishes?

    If you leave it unfinished, it's going to stay in the back of your mind, continually bringing your attention back to it.
    Today, this well-known phenomenon is called the Zeigarnik effect.
    And, it's widely used by books and TV series.
    Did you notice how each episode of any popular TV series ends when it reaches the most exciting point, leaving you with a bunch of questions and wanting to see what is going to happen next?
    Well, that is the Zeigarnik effect at its best.
    And the best part - you can use it to your advantage when it comes to understanding Anticipate, Plan, and Prepare

    We look at various situations and scenarios, giving you priceless guidance on how to react in even the most unpredictable situations.

  • Healthy Workplace. Reference

    Anticipating The Road Ahead

    "Good Health comes to those who recognise there own patterns."

    Anticipate, Plan, and Prepare

    There's no denying we are part of a significant infection point in human history...
    If we look closure at our health there are ancestral patterns to be uncovered. If we zoom out, we'll see these patterns are consistent throughout our family history.
    Given the historic times we are currently living in, and how disruptions are happening on a global scale, we can easily let stress and anxiety become unwanted companions in our lives.
    You may feel powerless to the larger forces at play in the world. We have our OWN power amidst any uncertainty life can throw us.
    That power lies in PATTERNS. More specifically, pattern recognition.

    If you know the pattern, you can anticipate the road ahead. Anticipation? That's real power.


    Denmark is known as the country with the best life balance in all of Europe; they are also coincidentally population most likely to use reflexology to support their health. Studies have been conducted regarding on-site reflexology in varied workforces such as municipal councils and Danish post office. These studies have shown that not only did they see:

  • reduced absenteeism
  • fewer sick days
  • reduced pain

    ...but they also saw
  • Increased wellbeing and motivation
  • Increased satisfaction with the workplace
  • Increased feelings of support
  • Increased loyalty

  • Healthy Workplace. EAR 2

    Don't Believe Everything You Hear

    Opinions are a penny a dozen and nearly everyone will share theirs with you. Many will state them as if they are facts.
    Don't mistake opinions for facts.

    One of the most important decisions you make is who you ask questions of
    Make sure they're fully informed and believable. Find out who is responsible for whatever you are seeking to understand and then ask them.
    Listening to uninformed people is worse than having no answers at all.

    Your Feet Have A Messsage

    They are telling you something about how you feel on both the outside and the inside.


  • Corns can also be a sign of protecting a specific issue
  • Bunions means you do too much for others and not enough for yourself
  • Itchy Skin, especially on the sole of the foot, could indicate irritation
  • Cracked Heels suggests there are obstacles you must overcome before moving forward
  • Rough Skin may mean you are going through a rough time
  • Damp Skin could be a sign of anxiety, or a detox reaction
  • Verrucas are usually a sign of a deep rooted issue

    Working with the feet helps you to understand your thinking...

  • Whether we are male or female we have each of the two types of energies within us

    Right Foot relates to:

  • left brain activity
  • masculine aspect
  • energies of will, analysis and logic
  • worldly relationships
  • relationship with men
  • one's masculine side
  • work aspects of life!

    Left foot relates to:

  • right brain activity
  • feminine aspect
  • energies of intuition, receptivity, inner creativity
  • family relationships
  • relationships with women
  • one's feminine side
  • personal aspects of life!

    We know from modern neurology that each of the brain's hemispheres, the left and the right, are responsible for different types of activity. The left brain is the source of analysis and logic, while the right brain's focus is on intuitive and creative mental activities.

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