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When I founded MindingFeet in 2006 I dedicated myself to helping people live their best life possible - changing thoughts. Simply put, it's changing thought patterns, listening to yourself while, I listen to what you say. It is simple but very empowering.

In other words, it's all in your head. MindingFeet helps consciousness to help you learn why you make the choices you do, and empowers you to make better choices for you and your life while, what you believe to be true may not be your truth.

Soul-full Sole Journey - Dumfries and Castle Douglas. HEALTHY LIVING


Through years of experimenting, researching, and speaking with people from all over the world, Patricia learned that behavior change play a major role in addressing our subconscious mind. It became clear to Patricia that helping people achieve a healthy mindset was a critical starting point for creating transformative long-term decisions.

Now, after helping hundreds of people shift into a healthier mindset and lead healthier lives, Patricia is taking what she has learnt and applying it to the world’s largest health problems. MindingFeet’s highly-adaptable recovery coaching is powerful and addresses a broad range of chronic and non-chronic conditions, helping, more people live happier lives.

Unique Needs

Clients are unique. So are their needs.
I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution, but I do believe that real behavior change is the key.

Soul-full Sole Journey - Dumfries and Castle Douglas. head to heart


The first and only fully prevention teaching to be proven effective in releasing subconscious and listening to conscious for making the good decisions for your happiest life possible.


Day to Day

The sole mind connection empowers and equips clients to better manage their day-to-day experiences of stress and anxiety. Patricia, offers a fun, friendly, and engaging way to develop emotional awareness, effective stress response mechanisms, and overall stress resilience.

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